Friday, October 7, 2011

Becoming Self Reliant

Becoming self reliant is a way of life.  You change how you do stuff and even how you think.  I am always looking for that bargain to fill my needs.  Canning jars fall into my lap because I've spread the word that I need them!  Sooner or later someone cleaning out their basement will run across canning stuff they no longer need and remember me and call.  Pay attention to sale prices too!  I used a lot of sugar this year when I was canning.  The cheapest price I have found for sugar works out to 2.63 per 4 lb.  A local grocery store is selling 4 lb bags for 1.49 today limit of 3.  If everyone in my family picks up their 3 bags we've made a dent in replenishing all that sugar that was used in canning.  I also learned I need a lot more sugar, canning salt and vinegar than I had planned for.  But there are other things like realizing we are low on pasta and we have tons of eggs right now.  Making our own egg noodles is rapidly replenishing our supplies and it is costing me nothing except my time and labor.  Are you constantly looking for things you will need in a crisis?  Big ticket items are always a good thing to be watching for!  Pressure canning, hand tools, treadle sewing machines, medical supplies are always good items to be watching for.  I found my All American pressure canner at a sale for $35 but you have to be watching and be ready to grab the bargains!  To be self reliant you also have to be willing to work.  Always take stock of what you have and what holes you need to fill.  Over time you will slowly fill the holes and become a much more self reliant person.   Just remember you can't instantly become self reliant, you slowly evolve into that type of person, it is a way of life.


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