Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Harvesting

When you harvest those Fall Crops you need to know how to store them.  Pumpkins and winter squash should be picked with long stems left on them.  Once you have them all gathered in you need to cure them.  I picked a small room to spread them out in.  Now for the next 2 weeks I have to keep that room above 70 degrees.  I spread them all out on the counter tops in my Utility room and made sure none of them were touching.  Keeping them at 70 degrees or higher will give them a nice thick skin so they won't rot right off in storage.  The Pumpkins will keep nicely for at least 3 month's if cured. the Butternut & Acorn squash will last into March through May.  The squash that the stems got broke off on are the ones we'll use first.  Now I can relax and when I have time I will start canning some of it up starting with the pumpkins.  But that is for another day!  Today you just need to know how to cure all those fall harvest!

Have a great day!

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