Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting ready for Winter

As the days pass along here the days and nights are getting cooler.  We'll still have a few warm days but the leaves are mostly turned now and falling.  It's time to get things done for winter. 

By tomorrow I should have all our garden beds cleaned out so we just have the isle ways and the compost bins to take care of.  We've done the last of our mowing and put the blade onto the tractor.  My husband chalked most of the windows, I'm not sure if he finished them all or not.   We are also finishing up the pole barn.  Taking out the rooms we had made so that we can park inside this winter.  Our winters tend to be pretty brutal here.  Yes there are plenty of places much worse but just a few more miles south they are much milder!   We just assume park and stay put in the winter time and only go out when we absolutely have too.

Don't forget your cars too!  Check your antifreeze and make sure you have good wipers and tires.  Redo your emergency pack so it's ready in case you get stranded in the winter time!  Having an emergency heater, food, water, and warm clothing can be a life saver!  A good pair of boots in case you have to hike out to get help.  I took an old pair of chore boots and bought some of the felt pads (at farm supply store) and put a double layer in each boot.  They were cheap and if I have to go tramping trough snow they keep my feet toasty.  Is your car ready for winter?

So now is the time to prepare for winter.  Don't put it off, do it now!  Also make sure you have food and water stored.  I even buy extra milk and freeze it so we still have fresh milk if we stay in for a long time. 

Enjoy the Autumn and make sure you are ready for winter before it gets here!


PS  I wonder where I put that really good scraper I had last year?

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