Sunday, October 2, 2011

I collect Emergency prep books all the time that help with crisis.  One that I had gotten from the LDS Church last year has been renamed and put online so you can download it and print it free of charge.  There is so much awesome material in this manual.  While it was geared to help those living in a 3rd world country in a crisis it could be a great help to us!  In this manual along with other things it also shows how to make a powerless evaporation type refrigerator.  I tried it out using 3 milk crates covered with fabric this summer in our 3 week 100 degree heat wave and it actually got down to 40 degrees!  A friend suggested making this out of PVC pipe instead of wood and I agree that that would be a viable option.  I hope you will take time to down load and print at lest the pages you find useful.  You can also go to and click on the online store and order this manual for $11.75.

Please remember it is important for you to print out information you find useful and not rely on pulling it up online.  In a crisis you may not have power or internet to turn to!  putting information in 3 ring binders and keeping it with your emergency preps can be a great blessing to you!  Also taking the time to try some of this stuff out may be the difference between surviving easily and struggling in a crisis.  I bought a Global Sun Oven and have used it off and on over the last few years.  At first I struggled to get it above 200 degrees.  Over time I learned tricks to keep it from fogging over and now it regularly heats up to 350 and beyond.  I use to grow gardens with no trouble but when I tried in our new location I discovered it wasn't so easy anymore!  My 1st two gardens failed.  If our lives had depended on it we would of starved.  We've figured it all out now and could make it on our garden if we needed too.  Make your water filter (also listed in this manual!) or fridge or anything else you think would be good to have.  Try it out so you know ahead of time how to do it.  


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