Saturday, November 26, 2011

Being blown away

Have you notice that the wind storms seem to be picking up?  As the sun enters the big solar flair storm season it also makes the winds pick up.  Tonight's winds seems like the house is going to come apart.  I'm sure it won't but anything not tied down will be somewhere new tomorrow!  

My kids are asking if trees are going to go and put the power out again.  We all had fun when we went 3 weeks without power back in Dec. '08 and had sub zero temps.  It was quite a learning experience for us.  Right after that we made a list of things we needed and didn't have and changes we should make.  We immediately went about making those changes. 

It's ok to go through storms in our life but you should learn from them and make changes.  I get very frustrated with people who go through storms year after year and never make any changes.  Learn from these storms or even your mistakes.  If you learn from them then they are not mistakes or tragedies!  They are learning experiences that help us improve.


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