Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Predictions

So many have made predictions about 2012 most of which as quite silly but something is afoot that is pretty scary.  Satan is alive and well and very busy.  We see his work all around us every day.  What we don't see is his secret organizations.  But this year many of those will be coming out into the open.  There is one group that has become very large in our world.  About 30% of the US population has joined it, many without knowing they were joining Satan's Army.   New Ager's think they are working to bringing "World Peace".  They seek to abolish all church's for a world religion.  Another group is working toward one world government.  Yet another is working toward one world currency.  New Age groups are planning big things for 2012 with a big world celebration for Earth's New Life on December 21, 2012.  The biggest celebration is suppose to be at Budapest, Hungary.  Bigger things will continue in the next few years. 

Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of whats going on in our world.  It all sounds pretty unrealistic but I'm beginning to see they might just be able to pull this off.  Knowing and I mean truly knowing your Lord and Savior is most important now.  You can't just go to church on Sunday and think that will do.  You need to read your scriptures in detail.  Pray and ponder and get to know your Lord.  Sincere prayer is your best friend in these days.  

Take care my friend.  Know who the good guys are and who the enemies are.  Be Prepared so that you can handle the coming storms.


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  1. What scriptures have you found helpful in this area? Please share!