Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't forget your pets!

So many of us have pets and when prepping we may or may not remember to stash food for them too!   It's important to have what they need also.  Food should be vacuum sealed if possible or seal into 5 or 6 gallon storage containers with oxy paks added just before sealing them.  Make sure your food prep container lids have a rubber gasket or it won't seal properly.  Here is the site I get my lids from:     They all have a rubber gasket to make a solid seal. 

Now other than food what should you be thinking about?  What about medical problems?  Do you know what you should store?  Are your pets on medications?  If so make sure you are storing extra's!  Here is a vet site that suggests supplies pet owners should have stored:

BlogTalk radio has a wonderful show on Friday evenings at 7PM East coast time.     You can ask Sheri all your prepping questions and she'll have the answers about prepping for pets.  Here is her web site also:

I hope this helps all you preppers who have pets to think about also! 


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