Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's been a long week here!

Sorry I haven't written for the last 5 days but it has been so busy.  Started working on the garden.  We are turning another 35 acres over to row crops so we had to get that land burnt off.  It ended up being a 2 day project.  If you ever have to burn off land, check with your fire department first.  Ours comes out and helps farmers with their burns. 

They had a large tank of foam to spray but they stopped most of it using leaf blowers.  I would of never thought to use leaf blowers to put out fires.  I love learning new stuff!  We'll probably never need to burn off fields again but it's sure nice information to have! 

Anyway it hit a couple areas that smoldered over night.  We came home just as the wind was picking up and one area had reignited and was close enough to the house so we used water to put it out and soak it all down good.  We then decided to walk the whole line and found one more starting to go.  It was a fallen tree that was smoldering but it was firing up again so we packed dirt around it but couldn't get it out.  We had put the small water tank on the truck and half filled it, so brought that down to the area.  Carried water over in buckets and got the tree soaked.  When we were sure it was out we then used shovels to pack dirt/mud around the whole thing.   We were glad we went and checked when we did because right after that the winds picked up into the 30 to 40 MPH range and that would had been ugly if we had not gotten both hot spots out by then.

So the last few days has just plain worn us out.  But it's all done now and I can get back to the garden this week.  I had forgotten to start broccoli this year and it's been so mild so I just put some seed out early last week.  Hopefully it will grow well for us.  We have seed to 27 different kinds of lettuces so hope to get a bunch of that planted this week.  And peas should get planted this week too.

Hope you all have a productive week!  May your garden flourish and grow you lots of good food this year!


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