Monday, April 23, 2012

Another run to the Doctor

My daughter came home last night and spent the night.  We had a lovely time chatting and watching a movie.  Last week she went into the doctor office and had been losing weight like 5 pounds a week (My I be so cursed!)  Nearing 100 lbs and having more problems they ran lots of blood tests.  Today we got a call from the doctors office asking for her to come into the office ASAP.  We dropped everything and headed out.  She's allergic to all I am except eggs.  I hope she comes to realize what a blessing that is!  But she's also allergic to shell fish, tree nuts and peanuts.  She also allergic to twice as much as I am to the stuff growing out there.  Even things like all grasses and oak & maple trees.  Her bodies reaction to this was the cause of her losing so much weight.  The more she ate the more she lost. 

Our doctor said all of these food allergies have became epidemic.  Our bodies simply can not process GMO foods, strange hybrid foods, highly processed foods, artificial foods.   Strangely enough no one seems to be allergic to beans.  The online Mad Herbalist has for warned me that we need to be very careful with most meats as they have be treated with all kinds of things.  He suggested we limit ourselves to mostly fruits and vegetables and chicken from a known source twice a week.  He also suggested we replace breads with sprouts. 

My luck with making breads has me thinking that might be a great idea.  Have you noticed things happening in your own body?  Maybe you should experiment and see if you can figure out what is causing the problem.  An easy blood test can quickly show you all that you are allergic to.

I sure wish I could be losing weight instead of having my throat close down!   But I guess either way, your body is attacking the problem and it better to know and stay away from those things causing the problem. 

It is most certainly nice to know now about all of this because now we can add what we need to our food storage. 

Our mental well being is another area that many are having problems with.  From most of what I have seen it is mostly what we surround ourselves with.  Are what you are listening to uplifting?  Is there good in it?  When we listen to or watch stuff that demeans or has no good message it destroys our spirit with in us.  We need to surround ourselves with uplifting and helpful things.  Find joy in a good book and inspiring music. 

Our bodies are special and unique we need to treat it with respect and hopefully it will give us a good life.  But we all make choices that will effect how our bodies will hold up as we age.  As I have learned more and more about foods I wish I could go back and change a life time of mistakes but it is to late now.  I have to deal with all the problems.  May our children be wiser!

May blessings be with you,

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