Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday blog Talk Radio Program

Vickilynn Haycraft will be interviewing me this Saturday in her 1 1/2 hour show.  the scary thing is, I have no idea what we will be talking about!  I've been interviewed by several different people over the last few years but they always told me what we'd be covering ahead of time.    Her show is on from 6PM until 7:30PM Eastern time, 5PM - 6:30 Central Time.  So guess that is 4PM MT and 3PM Pacific time.  She told me I'd be on that last hour so after her first break at the bottom of the hour. 

Here are all the places you can find Vickilynn at:


I'm sure we'll have lots of things to talk about.  We chat back and forth several times a week online in chat rooms on the pages we both visit so I'm sure we'll have fun!  She also knows I'm currently writing a book so just in case she's talks about that you won't be surprised!  


Hope you can listen in Saturday.  If you register before hand you will be able to take part in the chat room that will be open during the live show.  Registration is free and easy.  For me taking part in the chat room is half the fun so hope you will be there too!


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