Friday, August 24, 2012

Reading the Scriptures

Most of you who really know me, know that for the last several years I kicked in a plan to read the scriptures daily and by the end of the year have them read completely.  I realized I might be reading the scriptures daily but there was whole sections never being read.  I checked Sunday School manuals, Institute and Seminary manuals and there really were sections never being taught less a lone read.  I know it's easy to say that those sections being skipped just must not be important but as time went on it bothered me that I was missing part of Gods word.  So I divided up the pages into daily parts to read so every year I'd read all of Gods word, not my hit and miss methods of before. 

It has been a very enlightening and spiritually rewarding time.  Every day I am hit with things I had never noticed before.  I am left to ponder these messages every day, all day long.   Today I read Matthew 24 and Alma 46 &47.  Matthew 24 of course is the chapter the disciples asked about the final days and what was to come and Jesus shared with them.  Alma 46 & 47 of course talks about the Stripling Warriors.  These were the 2,000 young men that their parents offered for the war effort because they had taken an oath to never fight but their young son's had not taken the oath.   The part that got to me today was verses 47 & 48 (Ch.46).  They had no fear because of their great faith because their "mother's had taught them".   Which leaves me pondering if I have taught my own children as well as their mother's taught them. 

We are entering perilous times and I really am pondering if I have taught my children well enough so they have the faith they will need to go on in life.  For that matter, do I have enough faith to carry on myself?

So many think of being prepared as having food and ammo.  But if you do not have a Spiritual footing, you won't last very long or will become a mean angry soul lost in a lost world.

So while you are laying in those food stores, etc.,  make sure you take some time each day to be spiritually fed.

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!


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