Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.  I feel like we had so very much to be thankful for this year.  The drought has taken quite a toll on farmers here but we were blessed with a very productive garden and crops did better than expected.  Our ponds are down so low it scares me.  Our ponds are our only water source.  We should be ok for another year but after that we're in trouble. 

I must confess, in all my preps I never really worried about water until this year.  With a 17 acre pond it never dawned on me that a couple years of drought and several month's of 100 degree days could dry it up as much as it already has. 

We put our garden in 1 1/2 month's earlier this last year and I also felt impressed to heavily multch as we went.  I didn't water except for taking grey water out like the dish rinse water or the rinse water from the laundry to water the tomatoes extra.  But it produced and we are still taking broccoli out of our garden but I think today will be our last picking.  tomorrow is suppose to start some very cold temps that should take the broccoli on out. 

But we are doing well and making it when so many things are happening.  I pray for so many in weather related crisis and so many losing their jobs.  My family has been truly blessed.  Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and you have a blessed Holiday season.


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