Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year in always exciting to me!

Just like each new day excites me, so does a new year.  No matter how bad a day goes, I can go to bed and wake up to face a brand new day.  I know I make my day.  I always start with prayer and scriptures to set the tone for my day.  I wear out easily and so I try to get the must do things done early on.  Even making up dinner and putting it in the fridge so I can still handle it in the afternoon.  But some days just don't go as planned.  One phone call can throw everything out of whack.  But I try to make the best of it and I always know the day will end sooner or later and tomorrow is a new day. 

The same applies to the year.  Well 2012 wasn't to bad but it wasn't to good either.  The drought really played havoc with us here. So many others have faced terrible storms and earthquakes.  Our nation's economy is down right frightening.  So many are out of jobs and everything seems to be going down hill.

So a New year is here and I hope and pray it will be a kinder year.  To start off my oldest son who lost his job right after he got married is now working for the state of Kansas.  He's a programmer working for their Education Department.   Of course this meant a move so now we are hoping to get his house fixed up and sold as quickly as possible.  They found a cute apartment in the country to move to and with his increase in pay hopefully they will be able to handle cheap rent and their low house payment along with utilities and gas and of course food too. 

So far we are not seeing in big changes in the drought here.  It has been colder this winter but still warmer than usual.  We've had snow but just very small amounts of it, not our usual deep and buried and stays all winter.  But hopefully we'll get enough for gardens and crops to grow. 

And most of all, I hope and pray Congress will get it's act together and try to get our nation back on a good economic track.  I know with all the oil being fracked out that alone will help our economy in a few more years. 

Each new year I try to instill a new habit.  I've got my daily scripture read down very well so will continue in that and then I'm trying to sort through all our storage stuff and get it cleaned up and organized.  If I can just do the basement storage areas this year then next year I can tackle another area.   A new habit done a little at a time and in a few years maybe I can have that down pat just like my scripture study.

I hope also to get the store room clean up before our growing season gets going so my food storage is organized and I have a better idea of what I need to grow. 

May you have a blessed new year and day also!  Feel free to let me know what you might be tackling this new year!


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