Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are you bogged down?

As most of you know I am cleaning up and organizing our big basement store room this year.  So far 80% of the stuff is going straight to the trash.  Boxes and boxes of the kids stuff they packed up several years ago when they really were kids and we've all had a laugh over some of the stuff I have found.

But how much stuff do we hang onto in our life because it has sentimental value to us.  It's stuff, junk and we haul it around forever like it's chained to us.  If you can keep it down to a very small box worth then that's okay to keep.  But if you have tons of this stuff then maybe you need to start clearing the mess up.

If you are having a hard time, put each item on display and take a picture of it.  It's often not the item that's of value but our memory of what happened with the item.   A picture will be enough to keep that memory alive.  Now get rid of it.  Is it a useful item?  Maybe you can sell it or donate it for a tax write off.  But clear all that stuff out!

There are things you should hang onto.  Food storage and emergency prep items.  Family pictures IF they are organized into a system where everyone knows who, where and what was going on.  Take them all and scan them into digital copies and burn them onto CD's and give them to family members.  Now everyone has them and if you lose your photo's you can get them again from a family member. 

Stuff is a great burden on us.  You have to clean them and haul them around.  Free your self for whats really important in life.  Get rid of all that junk! 

 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matt. 6:21


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  1. Great post Cherlynn....I have had to do a lot of this over the last 2 yrs. Interesting note on taking a pic of an item. This is what I had to do with all my kids memory ornaments. It was hard to pass these on to the kids as by looking at them on the tree every year were a reminder of different stages of my kids growing up and I didn't want to let go of that memory tree. I was finally able to do that a year ago. I grouped each child's ornaments and took a picture of that group. And this Christmas gave all the ornaments to each child. It was an inspiration a year ago to do this, as I knew I was moving on and preparing for a new chapter in my life. And now Steve and I will start our own traditions.