Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cardboard ovens

I'm always looking for homemade cooking things so folks can cook when the power is out or unavailable.  Several years ago my girls cooked a turkey inside and upside down metal trash can with charcoal in it and on top of it.  It worked like a charm.  So when I found this card board oven on MacScouter site I was hooked.  Living where I do, I know we can go long periods in winter with no sunlight available to use my SunOven. 

This cardboard oven is easy to make. You will need a cardboard box and a box knife.  Cut the top flaps off so you have 4 sides and a bottom.  Now line the inside of the box with foil making sure the shiny side is out.  Glue it on to the sides and bottom and fold the bottom edges out and fold down.  Here is a picture of the inside of a box oven and they rack they used and pan of charcoal.  The charcoal would be on the ground and the rack over it and then the box set down over it. 

You should make a few hole in the box to release combustion gases and a few holes near the bottom to let fresh oxygen in. You can also put a few small flat stones around the bottom to let air in. You can make a rack by running pieces of metal coat hangers through and securing them on the outside.  You will only need 2 or 3 of them.  Or you can use a rack like shown above.  I am wondering if you could also use heat cells or emergency alcohol heaters.  Those could be used inside in winter time.  The first few times you will need to check to make sure enough air is getting out and gasses are escaping not piling up.  
Above is the closed oven.  You can adjust the cooking temperature by the number of charcoal briquets you put in.  Each burning briquets supplies about 40 degrees so about 9 of them should make the inside temperature 360 degrees.  Play with your oven and try different fuels and see how your food turns out. 

Blessing to you!

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