Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Day's

It's been frustrating waiting for Spring to come forth fully.  Our last frost year was May 17th.   Much later than it had ever been in the 14 years we have lived here.  I pray about my garden.  The impressions I get have never been off.  I have tomato, squash, melon plants I started weeks ago getting bigger than I ever expected but now I will be able to set them out.  I know lots of folks have already set theirs out and some even had large green tomatoes on them only to lose them last week.  But until today I felt strongly impressed not to plant yet. 

I guess my garden is all about faith.  Some might think its silly of me but our garden is very important to us.  We live on it all year long.  It provides a good 70% of our food for the year.   I've prayed daily over my garden and have harvested heavily during very wet years and severe drought years. 

I love the movie "Faith Like Potatoes".   If you haven't seen it you should get a copy to watch.  It's about a family in Africa that decides in the middle of a drought to plant potatoes which of course require lots of water.  After mighty prayer they planted and kept praying and in the end all the plants were quite dead but on harvest day they harvested the biggest crop of potatoes that anyone had ever seen.  It's all about faith.

So this year, practice faith and plant your garden with the Lord's help.


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