Monday, May 5, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

I'm so grateful after 1 1/2 years of putting up with Wild Blue/Excede Internet we've finally got them cancelled and got REAL internet service again.  So joys in life are so very good.  We can now use our TV movie streaming device, watch videos online, do anything we want, anytime we want.  But just so you know, I really did survive 3 full days with no internet at all.  Duh.... the last 18 months has taught me to not expect having it any way!

Now that I have that taken care of I can get back to what I need to be doing.  The garden is going very slow this year.  The weather has taken a toll and I'm just being patient.  I'll wait until mid May to plant anything else and betting it will catch up quickly. 

I was spending 2 hours each day just to post a "quick" comment in face book and 3 hours just to check my e-mail each day and I don't even want to think about time wasted trying to get into the bank site.  Now I can get busy cleaning the chicken coop, organizing the basement, working in the garden.  Doing the stuff I need to be doing instead of wasting time online.

So today I celebrate the simple joys of life.  Internet that works so I can take a walk and enjoy the the wonderful Spring wild flowers and see and hear the birds singing their happy songs.  So I will depart here and go enjoy life.  I hope you can do so too!


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