Thursday, August 21, 2014

GMO's and Round up

I am always wondering why I have food allergies when most in my family don't and it has never been a problem before now.  Round up.  We live in a very rural high farming area where lots of GMO grains are grown.  GMO grains are created so that Round up can be sprayed on them and not kill the grain just the weeds.  But the grain does absorb the round up and takes it into the actual grain.  Thats right, if we eat the GMO grains, we end up eating Round Up.   There has never been any studies of GMO's being eaten by people.  Our government has continued to raise the levels of what they feel is safe levels of round up in our diets.  The reason they continue to raise the "safe"  level  is because we are being exposed to higher levels.  When it rains or snows it's raining down more Round up on us.  The Round up settles in our gut and reproduces itself there and thrives but gives us all kinds of trouble.  Leaky gut, liver and kidney disease and of course food allergies.  When you develop food allergies, every time you eat an allergen you will be tearing your gut each and every time.  Tearing the gut will cause an auto immune disease.  If those don't kill you off eventually the tears in your gut will reach a point that you will bleed to death.  It won't happen fast, but very slowly.  

So if you have food allergies you really need to avoid those GMO grains/foods.   I don't know the answer to this problem.  Being farmers ourselves that use Round Up.  It is our livelihood.   We do try to avoid row crops in areas where it would drain into our ponds.  I have no clue how to get out of our current practices but until the powers that be decide we need to change I guess it will continue.  So if you don't have food allergies yet you can count on it coming to many more folks.  If you do get food allergies please be careful as so many are jumping in with gluten free products and I have discovered that many have hidden gluten or soy or corn also in them. 


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  1. I just found an awesome you tube video (1 hour 20 minutes long) That covers this topic very well. Please watch/listen to it! This will save life's!