Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Getting my ducks in a row

My life is changing.  We have this empty nester thing working and we are retired now.  I have discovered that I run out of energy a lot faster.  I have discovered I really don't like cold weather any more.  It makes my bones ache and I can't get warm.   I find myself looking for ways to do things simpler.   Right now I am pondering my garden.  35 raised beds is more than I can handle alone.

I used to get lots of help and now I know it wasn't lots of help but one helper who helped a lot.  Oh how I miss my daughter that loved to garden with me!   But she has flown the nest and gone into her own life.  So now I have discovered I am alone in the garden.  Those 35 beds got the better of me last year and it will happen again this year unless I come up with a plan.

I am thinking of removing the beds at the back of the garden and leaving a large open area.  I can till it up and plant corn there along with those vining pumpkins, squash and melons mixed in. Maybe later today I can go out and look at it and see how I can redo my garden to make things easier for me to take care of.

I guess this mild winter has made it easier to think about gardening and being able to go out and actually look at the garden and think about it.  Most years in February I wouldn't be able to see the beds at all until April or May.  But this year any snow has long since melted and I can see very well.  I also know in another week I might be able to start moving dirt and actually get rid of the beds if they have thawed out.

Now I need to ponder how many beds I really still need.  Four beds are permanently planted, rhubarb, asparagus and mint/tarragon beds.   I have also discovered I prefer bush beans over pole beans.  I have friends who love pole beans and told me they were easier to pick.  I found the opposite to be true for me anyway.  I have discovered it takes a lot of peas to get what we need for each year.  But they have to be planted early or they won't make it.  My carrots leave much to be desired and I can buy heirloom carrots cheaper locally so its not worth my growing them.  So I need to sit down with a clear mind and plan out my garden and what I really need from it.  

So how is your garden plans going?   Are you going through life changes and having to adjust too?  Has your diet changed and you now find you are buried in things you used to run out of and now you run out of things you always had plenty of?  What changes are you making this year?

Have a blessed day!

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