Wednesday, February 21, 2018

If you wear glasses please read this post!

My son found a site online where you can order your eyeglasses for $10 including the lenses!  Really!     If you use this link they will also give you $5 off on your first order.   He found a way to change his eyesight and is rapidly moving toward being free of eye glasses.  I've had glasses since I was a little kid and started out where I couldn't tell light from dark at 10 feet away.  Yes blind as a bat but without sonar!   Now over the years especially since we moved up here to the boon docks, I have taken time to go without my glasses outside when I am working.  I get all sweaty and the darn glasses keep falling off so I just leave them inside so I don't lose them.  By doing this I now realize I don't need my glasses except to drive.  I can even watch my bedroom TV from my bed without glasses.  So if you hate wearing glasses, take time to go without them especially when you are outside.  Not all the time but 45 minutes a day and you will see changes before you know it. 

My son has been ordering new glasses about every 3 weeks and they come in 10 to 14 days delivered right to your home.  And for $6 to $12 a pair I have been very impressed with them.  Every bit as good as the ones I've been paying $100 to $200 for!   Never again will I pay those prices for my glasses.  I can get 2 or 3 pair for under $30!  Ok they have some pairs that go up to $25 and you of course have to have your prescription and they will help you get the other measurements.

This was to good of a deal not to share,  Hope it helps you out!


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