Friday, September 28, 2018

Frankincense oil not essential oil!

I used frankincense essential oil in diffuser to fight cancer and other problems along with diet changes and exercise.   But if you really have cancer that you can't beat this is info that a friend shared with me last week. 

Her fil had just found out that he had bladder and kidney cancer.  So among some other herbal remedies I have made for him, I made frankincense oil for abnormal cell growth which is safe to be taken internally. This is NOT essential oil (Frankincense Essential Oil does not have enough boswellic acid concentration if its there at all to be therapeutic) but this is an oil made by infusing the resin into EVOO this way the boswellic acid is preserved rather than distilled out as it is during the process of making essential oils.
When people say Frankincense oil heals abnormal cell growth, this is the oil they are speaking of.
My recipe is as follows
1 part powdered frankincense resin
2 parts EVOO
mix well in a glass mason jar, let it sit in a warm water bath for 24 hours or in a crock pot on low with water in it or use the old wise woman tradition the powder and oil in a mason jar, close the lid and place in natural sunlight and let it sit for a few weeks (i chose the heat option since this is kind of a need right away scenario)
I then made capsules for him to take internally and a salve with added sandalwood and lemongrass which are both anti cancer, to apply topically where his bladder is.
I wanted to share this info to help any out there who are in the big fight of their life.  EVOO is a type of olive oil.  I found Evoo and frankincense resin in the Amazon Market place.  

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