Monday, June 17, 2013

Mid June 2013

Hello everyone!  It's been really crazy here, even more than usual!  Here I am mid June and still trying to get all my beds planted!  I've got to be gone out of town the next two days but I am hoping by the weekend I can at least get those last 3 beds planted and then start back at pulling weeds in the few beds that need it.  Most of the beds were heavily mulched and don't need any help but there are about 5 or 6 that are growing into a jungle with grass and weeds including three permanent beds of asparagus.

Then there are the aisle ways.  I was mowing them but someone broke the mower belt and then I broke the weed eater so here we are waiting to get replacement parts and I'm thinking I might have to go out with hand clippers very soon!

So here we are just getting a good start into the summer and I'm already looking forward to that first hard frost!   Not really but it would be nice if the grass and weeds decided to start growing for a while!

On a brighter side, I've walked through the orchard and it looks like we might be getting our first harvest this year.  We have peaches, apples and pears with fruit growing on them.  I can hardly wait to have our very own tree ripened peaches!

I have also finally came up with a new food storage plan and in August we will start rebuilding our food storage to fit all our food allergies.  a friend in St Joseph has been able to give me many food grade containers that hold 25 lb bags of food.  they are really nice with screw down lids and the rubber gasket.  I'm am so grateful she thought of me and I've been able to get as many as I can.

So many are still thinking the whole world is going to go into an economic collapse and we won't be able to get any food, medicine, etc.  But I still have a very hard time believing any thing like that could happen.  Things are looking up.  The best reason to have a good food storage remains the insurance that no matter what you will have food even if you lose your job, the ice storm to bet all ice storms come and you can't get out, Someone gets very sick and is in the hospital long term.  A Million and one things could happen but usually it will be a disaster to just you and you will be grateful that you have what you need on hand when the time comes.   It's not just food, but water and medical supplies and paper goods.

If you are not prepared then you are preparing to fail
Ben Franklin

Have a great summer!

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