Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is our drought over?

We got an honest to goodness rain the other day and now thanks to Hurricane Issac we are looking for more good rain by the weekend.  Do we have hope that the drought is over?  I guess we'll see how much snow we get this winter and see if we have a chance to recover next year.

Do you ever get so busy you just can't go on?  Well that's where I'm at right now.  I got a quilt on the frame I'm trying to get done for my son's wedding next week.  It should be off the frame tonight of tomorrow if all goes well.  I also need to go bail out our boats and get them on land and turned over before the next rains come.  I also need to get the chicken coop cleaned out real good.  I had to use wood chips the last few times but now I have straw again.  Straw works much better in the nesting boxes.

I decided other than picking tomatoes every few days I will not work in the garden until we return from California.  I'm just to wore out to keep up so will do what needs to get done and then return refreshed and ready to process all that produce when we return.

Some times you just have to pull back and recover.  It's ok, you give your body time to recover and then charge back in.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a great Holiday weekend!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Reading the Scriptures

Most of you who really know me, know that for the last several years I kicked in a plan to read the scriptures daily and by the end of the year have them read completely.  I realized I might be reading the scriptures daily but there was whole sections never being read.  I checked Sunday School manuals, Institute and Seminary manuals and there really were sections never being taught less a lone read.  I know it's easy to say that those sections being skipped just must not be important but as time went on it bothered me that I was missing part of Gods word.  So I divided up the pages into daily parts to read so every year I'd read all of Gods word, not my hit and miss methods of before. 

It has been a very enlightening and spiritually rewarding time.  Every day I am hit with things I had never noticed before.  I am left to ponder these messages every day, all day long.   Today I read Matthew 24 and Alma 46 &47.  Matthew 24 of course is the chapter the disciples asked about the final days and what was to come and Jesus shared with them.  Alma 46 & 47 of course talks about the Stripling Warriors.  These were the 2,000 young men that their parents offered for the war effort because they had taken an oath to never fight but their young son's had not taken the oath.   The part that got to me today was verses 47 & 48 (Ch.46).  They had no fear because of their great faith because their "mother's had taught them".   Which leaves me pondering if I have taught my own children as well as their mother's taught them. 

We are entering perilous times and I really am pondering if I have taught my children well enough so they have the faith they will need to go on in life.  For that matter, do I have enough faith to carry on myself?

So many think of being prepared as having food and ammo.  But if you do not have a Spiritual footing, you won't last very long or will become a mean angry soul lost in a lost world.

So while you are laying in those food stores, etc.,  make sure you take some time each day to be spiritually fed.

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you ready for a Famine?

Ok most of us have never known hunger.  Our stores have always had full shelves.  But this year we have a drought.  Not just us but most of the country and duh... most of the world.  There is going to be next to no harvest all over world this year.  For the first time since the great depression we are looking at a modern day famine just like they talk about for Africa and in the Bible.  Famine as in no food.  If you have been laying in food then you'll probably be ok if we don't also run out of water.  

But 80% of people are still ignoring the blaring warnings.  They can't picture a famine in our world.  They still think somewhere there is food so our government or the church will feed us. 

I was so excited to watch Japan after their big disaster.  They didn't wait for or even expect anyone to come help them.  Every citizen rolled up their sleeves and immediately went to work cleaning up.  They took care of their neighbor.  No one thought only of themselves, everyone was suffering.  I have family in Japan and we saw miracles happen there.  It's a mind set the rest of the world would be better off adapting.  Roll up your sleeves and deal with it yourself.  Just assume if something happens, no one but yourself is going to help you. 

Some say God will watch over us.  Why should He?  Do we keep the Sabbath Day Holy?  Sunday has become our nations busiest day for eating out, shopping, sports, and anything else you can think of.  We've removed all signs of God from our schools and government offices.  Now tell me why God should watch over and protect our nation? 

A big change of mind and habits are needed.  Will we as a nation change?  I would like to think we would but I sure am not seeing any signs of it yet.  Maybe we'll have to hit rock bottom before folks wake up and take control.

Just my 2 cents worth here.  I think it is stupid to toss God aside when we need Him the most.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The harvest has begun

Well the writing is on the wall.  We've all been warned that we should lay in anything that involves meat, corn or soybeans.   This week in our area and many other areas insurance adjusters are showing up and telling us what to do with our crops.  Fields that produced thousands of bushels are yielding 1 1/2 bushels.  It's not even worth turning into fodder.  So it's all getting chopped up and dumped.  Not even worth trying to get that bushel of corn to use.  We only have 14 acres this year so we'll just walk through and pull off the little bit of corn and feed it to the chickens this winter.

I've said it every way I can say it, there is no corn or soy beans to harvest this year.  Most of our foods have corn or beans in them.  I don't even want to think about what is going to happen at the grocery store this year.  There is very little hay as it burned up so early so they are chopping the corn up and baling it.  Most have sold off their livestock as they had nothing left to feed them.  We got rid of our horses because there was nothing left for them to eat.  We were faced with feeding them daily starting now until next spring time.  We rarely needed to feed our horses at all.  Even in winter time they dig down and get the grass but there is no grass left for them to dig down to.  I can only pray we get our winter snows that passed us by last winter.

Several bloggers are reporting of things happening that I either don't think about or can't prove right now.    One reports that China is buying up small bankrupt US cities and moving their party faithful families there and even flying the flag of China in their towns.  If anyone has actually seen such a thing please tell me where you have seen it!  The other report is one I would think nothing of.  US troops going through towns in their tanks, and other military vehicles.  I've seen them around all my life so would think nothing of it.  But of course these other bloggers are claiming it's our government getting people use to them as they are planning to declare marshal law when the food runs out.  Those who cause problems will be taken to those FEMA camps that are all over our country.  So they want you to be prepared and have what you need so you don't have to go out and riot with the masses.

I have no clue on the "evil" designs of our government.  I can only beg you to lay in all the food we can find to lay in.   Talk to your neighbors and get them to do the same.  Don't wait for Uncle Sam to save you.  Plan now to save your self.  Don't hope and pray your church will save you.  Don't hope and pray your local government will save you.  Get as much as you can now so you can take care of yourself.   PLAN NOW TO SAVE YOURSELF.   Don't wait, Do it now!