Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is our drought over?

We got an honest to goodness rain the other day and now thanks to Hurricane Issac we are looking for more good rain by the weekend.  Do we have hope that the drought is over?  I guess we'll see how much snow we get this winter and see if we have a chance to recover next year.

Do you ever get so busy you just can't go on?  Well that's where I'm at right now.  I got a quilt on the frame I'm trying to get done for my son's wedding next week.  It should be off the frame tonight of tomorrow if all goes well.  I also need to go bail out our boats and get them on land and turned over before the next rains come.  I also need to get the chicken coop cleaned out real good.  I had to use wood chips the last few times but now I have straw again.  Straw works much better in the nesting boxes.

I decided other than picking tomatoes every few days I will not work in the garden until we return from California.  I'm just to wore out to keep up so will do what needs to get done and then return refreshed and ready to process all that produce when we return.

Some times you just have to pull back and recover.  It's ok, you give your body time to recover and then charge back in.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a great Holiday weekend!


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