Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you ready for a Famine?

Ok most of us have never known hunger.  Our stores have always had full shelves.  But this year we have a drought.  Not just us but most of the country and duh... most of the world.  There is going to be next to no harvest all over world this year.  For the first time since the great depression we are looking at a modern day famine just like they talk about for Africa and in the Bible.  Famine as in no food.  If you have been laying in food then you'll probably be ok if we don't also run out of water.  

But 80% of people are still ignoring the blaring warnings.  They can't picture a famine in our world.  They still think somewhere there is food so our government or the church will feed us. 

I was so excited to watch Japan after their big disaster.  They didn't wait for or even expect anyone to come help them.  Every citizen rolled up their sleeves and immediately went to work cleaning up.  They took care of their neighbor.  No one thought only of themselves, everyone was suffering.  I have family in Japan and we saw miracles happen there.  It's a mind set the rest of the world would be better off adapting.  Roll up your sleeves and deal with it yourself.  Just assume if something happens, no one but yourself is going to help you. 

Some say God will watch over us.  Why should He?  Do we keep the Sabbath Day Holy?  Sunday has become our nations busiest day for eating out, shopping, sports, and anything else you can think of.  We've removed all signs of God from our schools and government offices.  Now tell me why God should watch over and protect our nation? 

A big change of mind and habits are needed.  Will we as a nation change?  I would like to think we would but I sure am not seeing any signs of it yet.  Maybe we'll have to hit rock bottom before folks wake up and take control.

Just my 2 cents worth here.  I think it is stupid to toss God aside when we need Him the most.


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