Friday, August 23, 2013

Dealing with excess garden produce

So many people have excess summer squash and are giving it away.  If you like fried squash you can do some up and freeze it.  You have to blanch it first.  Blanching is dipping it into boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then pulling it out.  I slice mine first then blanch it and then put it into a flour, salt and pepper mix and then into a thin batter I make out of milk, egg, flour, salt and oil.  and then I add some type of a breading to cover the liquid batter as it will be frozen at this point.  Bread crumbs work well but what ever kind of breading you want will work.  I then lay it out on baking sheets lined with wax paper.  After they are all done I put them into the freezer overnight.  In the morning I will then bag them into small freezer bags and label and leave in the freezer for use this winter.  I also finely grate summer squash and blanch and then freeze to use in casseroles and baked goods or to stretch ground meats.  An ice cream scoop works well to make mounds to freeze.

If you love fried green tomatoes like my family does you can slice those and blanch them and then dip into the flour salt and pepper mix and lay those out on baking sheets and freeze them overnight and then bag up the next day.  No matter how many of these I do, I always run out by February!  They are a real treat in the winter and taste just like summer time ones do!

So now that everyone is getting tired of their summer bounty and wanting to get rid of their stuff go snarf it up and have those yummy treat on hand this winter!   This is also awesome for those of us with food allergies so you can do them up to fit your families diet.  So go have some fun and surprise your family this winter with treats they might be dreaming of!


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