Monday, April 13, 2015

Are you facing cancer?

My husband had cancer and went through surgery and 2 years later he had to go through radiation.  Almost immediately after, the cancer was back and they wanted to do chemo but he refused.   He went to an oncologist at KU Med Center and was told to eliminate GMO foods, all meat and all dairy.   His next testing was 6 months later showed him cancer free.  He gets tested every 6 months and 2 years later he is still cancer free.  

If you or anyone you know is facing cancer give it a try and see if it works for them.  I learned that most meat sold came from animals that were fed GMO grains and it passes on to their meat and by products.  Once I gave up meat I instantly noticed my breathing became much better.  GMO foods is causing severe food allergies but I discovered I'm not allergic to wheat, soy, milk and eggs. I'm allergic to GMO foods.  I am now able to make bread with non-GMO Wheat and I can eat it just fine.  I can eat eggs from my own free ranging chickens and I just feed them our own scraps and they love them.   We have discovered we do just fine with non-diary milk.  

I hope this helps someone!


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