Friday, August 21, 2015

Why I don't trust most things at Walmart

Walmart buys stuff from the cheapest vendors.   Most of them are based in China.  They are counterfeiters on lots of stuff.  Paul Mitchell Shampoo is one that's been proven the Walmart stuff is counterfeit product coming from China.  Every time Paul Mitchell   has a claim filed on their shampoo they ask for the product and proof of where it was bought and 100% of it has come from China and was bought at Walmart.  How can you tell if its a counterfeit product or not?  Its almost impossible to know.  China has been expert at counterfeiting products around the world.  Somethings don't really matter like books but many are important to know.  Like children's toys and clothing, food and beauty products, medical supplies.  The problem with the Paul Mitchell shampoo was it caused people to go blind.  Paul Mitchell shampoo is 100% natural.  I love their products so to have something that causes blindness shows its a counterfeit product.   Some say that Walmart has no clue that they are buying and stocking counterfeit products but I beg to differ.   They know they are buying at the cheapest price and most of it is coming from Asia on container ships so they might want to turn a blind eye but someone most certainly knows.  More importantly to me is that they don't care.
The only way to avoid counterfeit products is to buy from a reliable place.  There are lots of good places to buy at.   Do I shop at Walmart?  Yes, but I sure do think about everything I buy and if it matters if it's counterfeit.  I do most of my shopping elsewhere and am grateful that I know what is going on.  I wanted to make sure you know also.


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