Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Tick Season

I confess, I rarely have ticks on me all though I'm out side all the time.  I take Vitamin B-1 and garlic capsules and ticks don't like it.  But it is tick season and I just found this tip on Budget 101 that sounds great!  I'm going to try their Spritz to prevent ticks to see if I can keep them off my dog.  Frontline is not worth the money I spend on it! 

Tick season has struck and those nasty little buggers are plaguing kids, pets and outdoor enthusiasts alike! Here is a simple, painless way to remove a biting tick- as well as prevent future ticks from climbing all over you!
Ticks can transmit a number of painful, debilitating diseases including:

  1. Lyme Disease
  2. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  3. (HA) Human Anaplasmosis
  4. Babesiosis
  5. Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness
  6. Ehrlichiosis
  7. Powassan Virus
  8. Tularemia
That's the bad news, the Good news is- in order to get one of those illnesses, a tick must be feeding on it's host for 24 hours, which means that you have nearly a full 24 hours to find and remove a tick before it can transmit one if it's nasties to you!

Here is a simple, effective, yet painless way to remove an embedded tick:

Squirt a glob of liquid hand soap to a cotton ball, Cover the entire tick with the soaked cotton ball for a full 20 seconds. The tick will cease biting, back out and will remain stuck to the cotton ball when it's pulled away.

Using this method assures that the ticks head is also removed and is not accidentally left in the skin (which commonly occurs when they are "yanked" out using tweezers.

If you are unsure of how long a tick has been embedded on your skin, place it in a jar in rubbing alcohol so that it can be tested for Lyme disease.

If you have a tick on your person and it is not yet biting, you can apply a piece of scotch tape to the tick, it will stick to it, fold the tape closed and throw it away. No need to burn it and have the nasty smell linger in your home, it won't be able to get free.

To Prevent Ticks:
  • Wear light clothing
  • Fill a small Spritz bottle with water, add 40 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, shake and spray on liberally.
 Budget 101 is a great site with millions of great tips!  Here is the link to this article and will get you on their site!  http://www.budget101.com/myo-pesticides/easy-tick-removal-kid-safe-repellent-3822.html

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