Monday, December 3, 2012

It's December, what are you counting down to?

I remember when in December the only thing one counted to was Christmas Day.  But now I've discovered many are more interested in counting down to December 21st.   The day so many in the past said something major would hit.   When even NASA is sending out warnings I am not totally ignoring it. 

Well today we are only 18 days away with something that might be like the 1999/2000 event that was suppose to crash all the worlds computers or it might be something bad enough to kill 90% of the worlds population.  Nostradamus said there would be no water.   NASA says the sun, earth and the Milky Way are all lining up for the first time in recorded history and they expect at least one of the super volcanoes to go off and possible more than one.   The super volcanoes are problematic because they can and do send up so much ash it circulates around the earth for upwards of two years.  In other words we'd be thrown into a nuclear type event.  No sun light for two years.  We'd probably lose electric power and be going through an ice age type 2 year winter.

So I suggest you hope and pray for the 1999/2000 type event but I'd sure be prepping for the 2year ice age event.

I read a blog with comments from a Hurricane Sandy survivor.  I won't post all his 46 comments but I will list a few to help you get thinking:

If you do not have water stored up you are in trouble.
a. A couple of cases of bottled water is “NOT” water storage

You should have as much fuel as water
a. Propane,     b. Gas,      c. Kerosene,      d. Firewood,      e. Firestarter, (kindling, paper, etc)
Even the smallest little thing that you get from the store should be stocked up.. (spark plug for the generator, BBQ lighter, etc)

Stored water can taste nasty.

 You eat a lot more food when you are cold

Cash is king (all the money in your savings means nothing)

The electrical grid is way more fragile than I thought.

Think of the things that are your comfort, your escape, a cup of hot chocolate, a glass of milk and a ding dong before bed, tequila, etc. Stock up on those too. You will need that comfort after day 3.

It takes a lot of firewood to keep a fire going all day and into the evening for heat.

 All the food storage in the world means nothing if your kids won’t eat it.

Some people shut down in an emergency. There is nothing that you can do about that.

Your town, no matter how small is entirely dependent on outside sources of everything.

All of the expensive clothes in the closet mean nothing if they don’t keep you warm.

You can never have enough matches.

Things that disappeared never to be seen again for a very long time.
a. Fuel, of all kinds,  b. Matches, lighters of any kind etc,  c. Toilet paper,  d. Paper plates, plastic forks  and knives,  e. Batteries, didn’t really see a need for them. (flashlights??? I guess),  f. Milk,  g. Charcoal
    h. Spark plugs (generators),  i. 2 stroke motor oil, (chainsaws),  j. Anything that could be used to wire a generator to the house.  k. Extension cords,  l. Medicines (Tylenol, advil, cold medicine etc)

 This is part of a list posted by Frantz Ostmann this last weekend.

He had some very good thoughts for us to consider and polish up our preps in the next 2 weeks.  

May you have a blessed day and be a survivor no matter what happens.


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