Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm home again

I was hoping when I returned from Nashville that Spring would have arrived.  But winter feels well intrenched.  A winter storm is due to arrive in a few hours and dump more snow on us.  What I really hope is that this means more and more storms are coming and the drought is over.  Of course I would prefer thunder rain storms to mountains of snow. 

We had a nice peaceful visit in Nashville.  One member of our group got sick so we mostly hung around the house.  But halfway through she had a good day so we went to visit the Hermitage where Andrew Jackson had his home.  We played a few games of Clue and watched some movies.  We made pizza one night and my cauliflower crust was a big hit.  We made one regular crust and one cauliflower crust.  I changed the cauliflower crust to using cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella and tripled the garlic and spices.  My family loves it this way.

Now Easter weekend is upon us and it's our next family gathering so two big days of activities and I'm no where near ready.  So this weekend I am making lists and Monday we'll be in St Joseph, MO and will do Ft Leavenworth commissary and hopefully  by the end of the week we'll be ready. 

I asked the family what main dish they wanted for Easter dinner and they all asked for Beef Stroganoff.  That's always been a family favorite with the beef poured over home made egg noodles but I can't have the egg noodles so I don't cook it anymore.  I will do a roast or ham also so everyone has something to eat.  The Saturday before hand is our son's birthday so we'll have a seafood buffet that he has been dreaming of. 

I've got a good start to my seedlings and am now ready to transplant them into bigger containers.  Hopefully in another week or so we can start planting garden.  Some time or the other it will finally be Spring and things can come back to life! 

Have a blessed week and wonderful Easter weekend with your family!  Being together and celebrating our Lord raising from the Tomb is always a great time of the year! 


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