Friday, April 5, 2013

My favorite time of the year

I love to see everything coming back to life in the Springtime.  The first day I hear the Spring Peepers is a wonderful sound.  I look forward to hearing these little frogs each year.  I know soon the winter weather will be behind us and the trees will bloom out in a beautiful green fog. Those who put on white blooms will put on their pretty show before their leaves come forth.  I love the purple blooms on the red bud trees followed with their beautiful heart shaped leaves.

And of course it's time to start back in the garden.  Just the cold weather stuff right now but it will quickly turn into a full time job.  So far I have planted onions, peas and lettuces.   The garlic I planted last fall has started up nicely so far.  It is good to be back outside working again.

I count on the garden to fill our jars and greatly increase our food storage.  I keep planting more and more tomatoes but I've yet to get enough for all we need.   I end up buying big can's of tomatoes to make up our tomato & V-8 juices and we still run out much to early.    Maybe this will be the year I can finally grow enough tomatoes to do all I need to do.  I'm also hoping for lots more broccoli and peppers.   And will I be able to keep my lettuces going all summer long?  We practically live on salads in the summer time.

So another growing season is upon us with a new chance to lay in what we need for the next year and beyond.  I don't know that we can ever become fully self sufficient but we can do our best to get as close as possible.  Having things you can produce or make in excess can give you things you can use to barter or sell to get the things you need but can't grow or produce on your own. 

So whatever your plan is for this year may God be with your and bless you toward reaching your goals.


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