Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Days

I haven't been writing very much lately.  By the time I go out and get each days work done I'm to shot to do anything when I come back in except go to bed.  I never realized how much my old body would slow down as I age.  Not that I'm that old mind you but slow down I am.   I remember all the seasons of my life so far.  The ones with the crying baby all night or the twins at that stage where they grab everything with in reach at the grocery store.  all the way through to helping the kids choose their college and head toward their dreams.  Now we are retired but I never thought that would mean I was tired but by golly I sure am most of the time.  A new life and I just have to learn the rules to survive a new stage of life.  I'm learning to work in shorter sessions and take lots of breaks.

Now many of you are wondering what this has to do with emergency preparedness.  Well for me entering this new stage in my life its pure survival.

In our life time we will all face many trying times.  It might be a loss of job or birth of a baby.  It might be a tornado or loss of a parent.  It might be facing each day.  Yes there comes a time in life where facing each day will be the hardest thing you will do.  Having the faith to face what ever it is we have to face is one of the best preps we can have within us.

Be a surviver, have the faith and courage to to keep going on no matter what you have to face. Having a deep faith is the only way you can survive.


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