Friday, July 5, 2013

Things you should never leave in your car

Ok we all know you should never ever leave the kids or pets in the car.  We all know a car heats up in 90 degree heat to 140 with in 30 minutes.  But here is a list of things most of us never think about and probably you keep one or more of these in your car all the time.  

1. Sunscreen.  Not only can it get so hot you can burn yourself with it but it also changes it's chemistry so it's no longer the same product.

2. Disposable Lighters.  They can actually explode inside a hot car.

3. Electronics.  MP3 players, GPS systems, Camera's etc.  It cooks and warps lens, memory cards and batteries can actually leak out acid.

4. Glasses.  Heat warps the frames and lenses.

5. Miscellaneous items: Latex gloves in first aid kits turn into a gooey brown unusable lump.  Shoes is another unexpected item but some of them have soles that will actually melt.  Pepper spray will actually cook off and not be a pleasant thing to come back too!  

6. CD's & DVD's.  These are made of polycarbonate plastic that quickly warps and melts and makes them unreadable.  

7.  Plastics.  Well duh, it melts but it may not be enough for you to notice.  Like that bottled water you keep in the car.  It may not look like it melted but it has released toxic chemicals in the liquid and now are you really sure you want to drink that bottled water?

8. Lip stick or chap stick.  Oh yah they melt I got plenty of melted chap stick to prove it!

9. Crayons.  Anyone with kids has probably had this happen.  They melt.  If they were all in that magically plastic tote then all is well, but there is always the one or whole box that got out and melted all over the carpet, seat, dash.  It's an awful mess to try and clean up!

10. Chocolate, gum and candy.  Chocolate is a no brainer but gum will melt into the foil wrapper and be almost impossible to unwrap.  Gummy bears/worms, etc melts.  They follow the path of least resistance and go into heating vents, CD players any where nearby they can leak into.  My daughter decorated her sisters car with gummy bears and her 2 year old car has been without a CD player ever since.  They worked hard trying to get them out but never got enough to be able to use the player again.

11. Canned sodas.  They explode, not a nice mess to return back to either!

12. Groceries.  Losing a container of milk, meat or tomatoes can make for a very stinky car!   If you are unloading groceries and thinking something got left at the store, go check your car and make sure it didn't roll out and is hiding to ruin your next several days!

I'm betting some of you can add to this list!  Please add your comments and let us know!


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