Thursday, October 3, 2013

Can I "afford to get" food storage should say"can I afford not to?"

Putting away food stores has been going on since old testament Bible times.  W e all remember Joseph in Egypt putting away in times of plenty.  But even in New testament times people gathered to bring in the harvest so they could have grain to eat until the next harvest season.  In the dark ages villages gathered in the harvest so they might not know hunger in the winter months.  In China, villagers knew if the rice harvest failed their little ones and old ones would not make it through the winter month's.  In early America the settlers knew they had to import or grow their crops and store them aside until the next years harvest.  Even pre- World War 2 most American's canned and stored for the coming winter month's and into the Spring time.   Now we have gotten use to having everything we want right when we need it.  Many shop daily and rarely have anything stored aside.  When a freak winter storm comes people panic and empty the store shelves leaving late comers with nothing to buy.   What if something worse happens and you are not ready for it?

Can you afford to not have anything set aside with everything getting crazier by the day?  If you have nothing at all, please at least set a week of dry goods aside so that you might survive at least a winter storm.  2 weeks is even better and then work on getting a month's supply.  You know what you like, canned soups, rice & beans, Spaghettio's .     Just some extra stuff so you can avoid the store when a storm is coming.  I even buy some of those shelf stable milks each Fall and replace them as needed during the winter.

Next time I will talk about the different kinds of things we should store but for now just make sure you can survive short term if one of those freak storms hit you this winter.


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