Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ok I've been giving out recipes so I think I should do something on prepping this time.  So lets come up with a PLAN!  Every family is different so everyone's plan will be different.  There is no "one size" fits all program.  So on with our PLAN!    The idea for this article came from one I saw in  Prepare Magazine September 2013 written by Craig Johnson entitled: SIMPLE NATURAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS TIPS.  You can find this magazine at:

P.repare:  Any good plan requires preparedness.  You need to decide what you are preparing for.  Who will be helping prepare and who will be covered by your preps.   What events might happen in your area?  I live in North West Missouri.  While lots of things do and can happen here, I don't need to think about hurricanes.  What items do you need to prepare and where do you need to keep your preps.  In your family you will also want everyone to know why you are prepping. And when will you start your preps?  There are so many things you need to consider.  How much income and time can you afford to spend on prepping?  Preparing is a very personal thing and it will be your own plan.

L.earn  Once you start your prepping you need to take time to learn.  Learn new skills and improve existing ones.  You might have food, water, medicines and self defense items but do you know how to use them?  Have you practiced with them?   It's fine to think you can always cook over an open fire but have you tried it?  Can you get a fire going when it's raining or it's snowing and -20.  Do you have the right cookware and do you know how to cook over that open fire so your food turns out perfect instead of burnt and raw.  Do you know how to use your survival tools.  Will they hold up if you ever have to use them?  Using things now is so very important.  Going camping is a great time to practice with these skills and find out how you and your family can handle a crisis should you ever face one.  

A.ttitude  As the saying goes attitude is everything.  If you listen to the news and are paying attention at all its easy to feel overwhelmed.  You must keep a positive attitude!  Being positive helps you keep on track and get prepared while everyone else thinks the sky is falling.  Having a firm believe in something is very important.  For me it is my savior, Jesus Christ but it might be something different for you.  It doesn't matter what it is as long as you have a very firm belief in it.  When a crisis hits this is what will keep you going.  Firm belief & positive attitude.

N. eeds  Rome was not built in a day and neither will you have your preps done overnight.  You will have to plan what you need and work toward getting everything in place.  But it will not happen quickly but with persistent work to make it happen.  Set goals and make it happen.  Get what you need for 30 days and then work on getting 90 days and then 6 months.  Slow but steady and you will find you will get what you need to have on hand.

Just remember if you are just starting out you may feel like it is all overwhelming and you can never get what you need.  Breaking it in to smaller sections will make it easier to do.  After you get under way then you can make a master plan and slowly pick up the other items you feel your family needs.


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