Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keeping pests out

Pest can be a big problem when you live out in the country like we do but they can also be a problem if you live in the city.   Cock Roaches seem to survive through anything.  You have to keep food properly stored and counter tops very clean and they still seem to thrive.  I use roast traps in the cabinets and boric acid powder in all the cracks and crevices I can find and fill.  This usually seems to keep them at bay.

Rodants can be an even bigger problem as they carry so much disease on them.  Dr Bones & Nurse Amy have a wonderful blog that covers health issues and today they posted on keeping mice & rats out that was very good.  I hope you will take time to go visit their blog and read it.  While you are there please browse and see the wealth of info they have on their site! I listed the full link to the exact article in case you read this later on and need help finding it.



And then there are the other things like snakes, possums and squirrels that slip in to visit you.  I keep glue boards around my basement door to slow them down and make it easier for me to at least know they are there.  Keeping the pest under control is very important.  I cleaned out a family members pantry a few months ago that had been left when they temporally moved.  The mice had a field day!  They loved ramen noodles and pasta.  It was ashamed to have to throw so much food away especially when they had food grade storage bucket they could of put it all in.  Anyway I got bags of it hauled out and what could be saved put into the food grade buckets or vacuum sealed into canning jars.  Don't loss you big investment into food to pests that could also be spreading disease.


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