Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stocking stuffers

 I love Christmas! I love wrapping presents. I love decorating the house. I love baking cookies and special desserts. I love visiting friends and neighbors. I love writing Christmas cards. I love making up my special popcorn mixes and filling our cans with pop corn and party mixes. I love filling the stockings!

Today I thought I would share with you some of my ideas on filling the Christmas stockings. When I was growing up, our stocking was filled with special candies and fruit and little trinkets. I try to find small things that will be special and useful. So heres my list:

Tooth brushes/floss/cleaning tools
Gift cards
Make up
small toys/games (yes, even adults enjoy the right ones)
Nice socks
small notebooks
art supplies
nail polish
lip gloss/ chap sticks
Special food treats
Rolled money

In short, you want to find “small” “special” items and the list can be endless. I invite the rest of the family to add their small items to the stockings to. Every year someone shows up with a stocking stuffer that is to big for the stocking. Just keep in mind size matters. And have fun collecting! If you have lots of stockings to fill, you might want to get small bags with their names on them to fill so you can keep tabs on what all each person has. I like to wrap each item as I go and then they can't sneak a peek ahead of time. I also keep an eye out all year round for special small gifts to use as stocking stuffers. Some years I have a box full of items but I hardly traveled this last year so have nothing in my box this year. I'm so excited to go stocking shopping!

Have fun and make it special!

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