Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Natural cures your doctor doesn't want you to know

  Since the start of our country Pharmaceutical companies have been in charge of training our nations doctors.  How did this happen?  Its very easy,  Back then there wasn't enough money to run medical schools so those small pharmaceutical companies stepped up and funded them.  That gave them a platform to push their newest drugs.  They could even use students to help do more research on their latest drug inquires.  Nowadays drug companies send their reps around and hand out free samples and very handsome incentives to prescribe them.  There are many simple cures around but none of them want you to use them because they can't make money from them.

I have been gleaning many things from the Dr. Christopher site I've listed here: http://www.herballegacy.com/index.html

I've read a book about Dr. Christopher and learned much about him thats given me the desire to learn more.  He was drafted into the Army but objected to fighting.  The Army decided to make him a medic and got more than they bargained for.   While in training several cases came in from soldiers returning from the Pacific with things the Army doctors couldn't cure.  Dr Christopher stepped up and said he thought he could cure them.  He was given 72 hours to do so, so he jumped in with one patient and gave it all he could and it worked.  Within a few weeks all the soldiers were cured on on their way.   The US Army was so impressed they built him a lab where he spent the rest of the war researching and coming up with his formulas.

I  figured if the Army was that impressed then maybe I should look at his formulas and learn more.  I learned that making tea out of red raspberry leaves can stop stomach flu in its tracks.  Yes it really worked!  I learned that raw honey, minced fresh garlic and a little red pepper will cure strep throat.    I learned that a tea of Lobelia and Mullein would induce vomiting that would clear my system of stuff that caused my breathing to be greatly reduced.  Any one with reduced air flow will tell you that to have something suddenly make it so you can get a good clear breath is a great thing.  

I continued to read and study and knew diet was important to our health but I was to learned from personal experience the real story about that.   My husband had cancer.  He had surgery and a year later we learned that it had spread,  He started radiation but firmly said he would never do chemo.  I had long known that doctors really didn't try to cure cancer, they tried to stretch it out as long as they can to get the most money out of each patient.  So we researched for ourselves.  My husband started on a regiment of many vitamins and started taking apricot pits.  We found an oncologist at KU Med Center that we felt would work with us.  He added a big change to our plan.  He told us to remove all GMO's from our diet which we already were due to my food allergies and to remove all meats and dairy.  That was the best thing that happened to us.  I learned that animals are feed a diet of GMO grains that is passed on to their meat and by products.  But the main reason for giving it up is because our diet that is heavy on meat and dairy makes our bodies very acidic.  Giving up the meat and dairy changes our body back to an alkaline state and cancer can't grow in an alkaline state.   My husband gets tested every 6 months.  At the first test after we started this diet his count was greatly reduced. By  the second test there was no sign of cancer at all.  2 years later he remains cancer free.  I know most of this was because of giving up meat and dairy.  But it goes to show that many illnesses we have can be cured with simple measures if we are willing to study them out and learn for ourselves.

So don't depend on your doctor to know how to treat you, dig in now and learn as much as you can because your life might depend on it one day!


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