Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome to 2015

This has been a very strange January in my neck of the world.  No snow, we've had several days warm enough to go for walks without coats.  I've even gone out and hooked the hose up and washed my car.   But as we approach February I know we will have to pay the piper and I'm sure winter will rear its ugly head again as well it should before all our trees decide to bud out way to soon.

I've been dealing with a case of the flu.  It started with a ear ache, something I hadn't had since I was a little kid.  I woke up at 4AM with my joints aching.  I had a feeling so dashed to the kitchen and made a pot of red raspberry tea and got myself a piece of dry toast and corn chex's.  Very quickly I went from joint pain to every bone in my body feeling like they were on fire.  The red raspberry tea took care of my tummy and gut which was good because I had several hours I couldn't of stood to dash to the john if I had needed to.

Today I stayed home and as long as I laid around I fared pretty good but when I got up and ran around the joint pain returned along with a killer headache.  I'm hoping to be more back to normal tomorrow but will stay home instead of going the 100 miles to St Joseph with my husband.  To be honest I don't think he wants to be in such close quarters with me yet and I would just assume not pass this on to him.

So I personally am looking forward to the end of January and I am looking forward to Spring getting here in due time.  I hope you all are faring better then I am and if you do get the flu remember red raspberry tea will stop the vomiting.  


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