Sunday, May 8, 2016

Driving in Today's world

More and more accidents are happening this year.  I was leaving Leavenworth headed back to the Platte City area on Hwy 92 when a car suddenly pulled out in front of me with less then a car length to go.  I thankfully was only going around 40 MPH instead of 55 to 60 MPH so when I T-Boned him no one was hurt, but both cars were very damaged.  I thankfully was able to get home in my car.  The guy that pulled out in front of me got a ticket and had to pay for the repairs.

Then a couple weeks ago two dear friends were headed to Stewartsville and then on to St Joseph when a semi truck driver struck them from behind and they were both killed.

So you need to learn to drive defensively.   Scan the road before you back and forth and check your side mirrors and rear view mirror very often.  It's not only important to drive carefully but you also need to be aware of everything around you.

When you are feeling tired while driving you need to take a break and walk around and revive yourself.  

You may not always be able to stop an accident but if you are vigilant and always know what is going on around you but you should be able to improve what might happen.  

So wake up and open your eyes and pay attention to what is going on around you.   I hope this helps you survive all that's been going on lately.


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