Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life in the country

I sure am happy to live in the country.  While it requires hard work, I know it keeps me active and feeling younger than I am.  If I didn't have the farm to take care of, I know I'd spend most of my time parted in my recliner and reading or watching TV.  When I sit around I tend to eat a lot of snacks.  Being on the run keeps my joints moving and working.  Today I worked in my garden and am reclaiming parts of it to grow crops I discovered over the years that don't grow well in raised beds. So I am removing 16 beds and stacking the cinder blocks in stacks of 10 to use in later projects.  Cinder blocks are not light so I get a good work out every week day.  I also discovered I have to move the dirt from each bed to remove the baby chicken wire and ground cover under it.  I thought it would take all summer but today I started and did two beds in a couple hours.  Yes I also moved and stacked 10 cinder blocks and weeded 2 garden beds.  Reducing down to 17 full beds and 2 small herb beds is making it so I can stay on top of the weeds as long as I tackle one or two of them every day I am working in the garden.

My husband has mentioned that the garden is a lot of work and maybe we should get rid of it.  Then I remind him why I am willing to work this hard.  #1 I enjoy working out in the garden each day.  #2 With more and more food becoming GMO I need to have a food source I can trust that won't kill me.  The last 8 years has been a learning experience for me.  At first I was told I was allergic to wheat and soy.  So I went gluten free.  My family was not happy but everyone felt better once we were off wheat.  A couple years in to this, I had a good friend who lives in California who is just as allergic as I am.  Our throats swell shut and we turn blue and we both cover epi pens with us.  Her husband took her on a business trip to Hungary.  The pastries there are to die for and that was just what she decided to do.  She went and selected the pastry she most wanted to eat and armed with her epi pen at the ready so began to eat it and was able to eat the whole thing with no reaction.  She was amazed and after 24 hours with no reaction she cheerfully ate her way through her two weeks there.  She finally found someone with good English skills who explained to her that eastern Europe has never allowed GMO foods into their countries.  They are growing the same wheat, rye, barley, etc that their ancestors grew.   So we both tried Non GMO wheat and low and behold we can both eat wonderful wheat bread again.  I am grateful to learn the problem for me is GMO foods because now it is all GMO foods including rice and squash and all the other foods they are turning into GMO foods.

#3 If I wasn't gardening I would be quilting all day long.  That fact alone made him happy for the garden.  Our fixed income is already stretched so my buying more and more cotton fabric, batting and all the stuff I need to use quilting.

#4 I love being outside and seeing all the wild life we enjoy here.  The beautiful birds, deer, turkey, coyotes, foxes, insects, snakes and spiders.  I see them all the time but only because I am outside where I will notice them.

#5 While I am currently removing lots of cinder blocks, I am happy we made our raised beds out of cinder blocks.  They are stacked two high and wonderful to sit on while I work in the beds.

The area I am clearing out is 52 feet by 40 feet.  I will be growing sweet corn this year with winter squash, pumpkins and melons mixed in, all growing together.  I will put in a sunflower border around it also.

Growing a garden also keeps my mind active and gives me time to think and ponder and plan things out.

My youngest daughter who got married and couple years ago is growing stuff in containers on her apartment balcony.  I sure miss having her here as she used to work out in the garden with me and was great at it.  I am glad she is putting her balcony to good use.

 Well, I guess I have rambled enough for now.  I recharge my batteries on Sunday.  I attend church and then I deck out and write letters and catch up on stuff.  Monday I am ready to do another week.

Life in the country is great!


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