Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finding myself some place I never expected to be

This time of year is super busy for me.  I run constantly but last week I got sick.  It started as a pulled muscle but the next day instead of just a tender muscle I hurt every where.  I was sick, really sick.  I couldn't eat.  The only fluids I found I could keep down was tea and coke. I was running a fever and my bones ached horribly.  My belly was completely untouchable.   Finally after 4 days I gave up and made a doctor appointment.   The doctor took one look at me and sent me to the hospital ER as an outpatient.   While there he discovered I had a blood clot.  It wasn't down low in the leg like most are but right in the groin area.   Next thing I know he has me in an ambulance headed for the big city.  

Both places knew more than a virus or a blood clot was happening.   It was an adventure and now I am on a short leash with work piling up all around me.  But while at the hospital I learned something I really hadn't thought about before.   Most people in this country are totally clueless that they are not eating real food.   Genetically modified organisms/food is not real food.   Most people have no clue what GMO is or that they are eating it.   Here is a link to a nearly no basis on what GMO food is: .      

I don't like the article because they mention that this has been going on for thousands of years.   Over the years they learned how to take 2 or 3 different types of a plant and blend them together to make a new plant.  This would help a plant to over come a virus or insects but it always came from a like plant.  Peas to peas, etc.  GMO today has taken on a life of it's own.  They might be trying to find a better wheat but instead of just using other  wheat varieties they have no problems reaching beyond.  They use DNA code from completely different variety of plants and even use animal or insect DNA code.   In my book this is no longer real food.  If you can't plant a crop and save the seed for the next years crop, it isn't real food.   These plants are modified to accept their own herbicide being sprayed right on it.   The plant absorbs this but it doesn't die.   People still don't get it at this point.  What happens to the poison/herbicide that gets absorbed into the plant?    It goes into the food you eat.  So not only can't you grown another crop, you also are eating small amounts of Ready Roundup every time you eat.    Would you bake a loaf of whole wheat bread for your family dinner and then spray a little Roundup on it?  No of course not, but if you used GMO wheat that's what is happening.  Your family is eating traces of Roundup in every meal they consume.  And everyone wonders why the cancer rate is increasing.

All the waste from all these foods are ground into a powder and added to animal feeds.  So animals are being feed GMO's too.  Then there is the GMO animals, birds & fish out there too.   I learned to never eat farmed fish.  They are GMO fish.  Make sure you buy "wild caught"  to reduce the chance of GMO fish.  If they are released into the wild, they have to keep replacing them as GMO fish can't reproduce just like GMO plants can't.  

So today's blog is just to help you see what you are really eating in a new light.   This is not a good thing going on.   We should be aware of what we eat and make sure it is real food.

I hope this opens your eyes today and makes you look at your food completely differently.

Cherlynn Bell

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