Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lessons learned today: Making Strawberry Icing

My Dad was a romantic soul.  Every Valentine's day he gave all his daughters a small heart filled box of chocolates and Mom always got a big heart shaped box of chocolates. I continued to receive my box of chocolates every year until I got married.   On Her anniversary in December he always brought her a dozen Red roses.  After she died he still put a dozen red roses every year on her grave until he died.  My husband is not cut from the same cloth.  I think he was relived that our 2nd son was born on Valentines Day.  Now Valentines day is all about his birthday relieving my other half of ever feeling guilty about the day.  I miss my Dad on day's like today.

This year our son requested a chocolate cake with Strawberry icing.  I've never made Strawberry icing and quickly discovered there was a learning curve on this project.  Looking back now I realize it should of been a no brainer.  You cut strawberries up and add a little sugar and let them sit awhile and it pulls the juices out.  Had I started out thinking about this the project would of went much better than it did!  I used a pound of frozen strawberry slices and semi thawed them and just dumped them into the icing.  12 cups of powdered sugar later I finally awakened to my stupidity.  I should of added a little sugar and let it sit and then add in some clear jell and stir again.  This thickens and stabilizes the strawberry before you add it to the icing.  I added the clear jell to the frosting and it did thicken but I have a ton of it now and we are not big on sweets.  

I haven't posted much lately but I thought I should pass this along in case anyone else wanted to make strawberry icing.


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