Friday, November 4, 2016

Food Storage

I have been getting Non-GMO Freeze dried food from   I set up "Q-Shipments so they come each month.  While we were in Utah I was told to go to for a deal of a lifetime.  That site is now gone,  their special of free 72 hour kits is out.  But these deals came from  and you can still order from them at a slightly higher price but you don't have to listen to a spill going on for 10 to 20 minutes for each page before you can order or not before going to the end.  This product is also all non-gmo and all food was grown in the USA.  

I don't suggest buying all your food storage in freeze dried,  I am a firm believer in having a diversive supply.  Having dehydrated or freeze dried supply would be perfect if you ever had to bug out.  Its light weight and easy to pack but it can also be bad to have if you have a limited water supply.  So I am trying to collect 1/3 supply in freezed dried/dehydrated.  I also am aiming at having 1/3 supply in canned goods.  Then the rest in dry goods and freeze/frozen.  I greatly limit my freezer stuff in case of a total power outage that last long term.  I need to be able to use/ can it if that ever happens. 


I am also making sure everything is non-GMO and I am storing grains for those who need GF.  Nothing like facing a disaster only to discover no one can eat the food you stored.  

Have fun and store the things your family loves to eat.   My husband and I have made it a priority to rebuild our food supply now that we are out of debt and can do so.  We are getting enough food for the whole family knowing that if something big ever happens they will be coming home.   They are all living in apartments so we have told them to put aside a 30 day food storage and we will have the rest.   


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