Friday, September 2, 2016

Awesome 3 cheese Mac and cheese

I just tried a new recipe for Mac & Cheese and it was great!   It was the best recipe I've ever had!  Make sure you read the recipe all the way through before starting.  I made 3 smaller casseroles out of one batch

1 pound Rotini or other pasta
2 cups whole milk
8 oz. Cream cheese
3 Tablespoons Butter
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cup grated sharp cheddar
1 1/2 cup grated smoked gouda or muenster cheese

Cook the pasta and make the sauce: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cook the pasta following package directions. Strain the pasta, rinse with cold water to cool and prevent clumping, drain well, and transfer to a large bowl. Set aside. Combine the milk, cream cheese, butter, pepper, and salt in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the butter and cream cheese have melted -- about 10 minutes.
Assemble the macaroni and cheese: Toss the Cheddar and Gouda with the reserved pasta. Add the hot milk mixture and stir until well combined. Transfer pasta to a 3-quart baking dish and bake until the macaroni is set and the top is golden brown -- about 30 minutes. Divide macaroni and cheese among 8 plates and serve hot.

We were having terrible cravings today and this totally took care of it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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