Monday, November 12, 2018

It is time to wake up- Our oceans are dying!

Green Peace and all the other organizations get a big fat F for their message these days.  All they scream is the polar ice caps are melting and anyone living along the coasts are going to go under water.   What they are missing is we have a much worse problem going on that will kill life on planet Earth way before New York City and Washington DC disappear. 

Industrial Agriculture is the problem, not oil, not cars.  If you kill the soil you kill the oceans.  It is all tied together.  Every time you cut into the earth you are killing it.  Agriculture must go to no till farming to start turning this around.

Ok I will make this easy for you.  You go grow a garden and when its done you go yank everything out.  You just killed the earth.  If you grow your garden  and instead of yanking everything out, you instead cut it off at the ground level and leave the roots in the ground.  You plant your next crop in the ground and repeat.  You keep all bare earth covered with mulch or more plants.  You no long till,  You don't yank things, You keep the earth covered.  Your earth becomes a rich loam full of minerals and heals in a few years.   When we get acid rain it gets soaked deep into our ground that acts as a sponge that cleans it up and heals our earth. 

I have been doing a lot of research and most of my information comes from 2 other researchers John Roulac johnroulac and Walter Jehne walter-jehne

Next you might be telling yourself that Agriculture won't be profitable growing this way.  So I will post a picture showing the average gross revenue per acre in California.  The bottom entry "Singing Frogs Farm" grows all their crops using this method.

So now that we see how they are much more profitable, they next thing you should know is how rich their land is doing this. 

There is something going on but the "Global Warming" stuff wasn't making sense.  Listening to these guys, things are making sense and they have solutions to fix it that makes sense. 

The oceans are losing oxygen as they warm up.  Between California and Hawaii in the next twelve years if things don't change will be so deoxygenated that any wildlife that swims into it, will suffocate. The tiny snails along the California are already showing signs that they are slowing dissolving.

I wanted to pass this along so others can research and maybe we can save planet earth after all!


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