Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Planning Ahead

Prepping is all about thinking ahead.  We buy insurance just in case we have an accident, get sick, have a fire or heaven forbid, die.  We store food just in case we lose our job, there is food shortages, bad weather keeps us home, and a long list of other possibilities.   We buy equipment to cover power outages, ect. 

It is also good to think of possible personal disasters  that might come your way.  So many are getting behind and losing their homes right now.  If you don't own your home outright it could happen to you.  Have you thought through plans if you should find yourself in that position?   You should as a family have plans and several possibilities so that you might be able to turn a bad situation into a better plan if you have to.  

Staying ahead of the game and planning for anything is a good way to prep so that you can survive just about anything that comes down the pike.    Spend some time today looking at possible problems and finding solutions that might be pulled out to cover you.

Have a great day!


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