Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can you believe it!

1 week from today is Christmas Day!  Every year when it gets close to Christmas day things seem to go crazy!  Every day this week is booked solid.  I only have a few things to get done.  I'm so grateful for the change in my life!  My babies turned 18 this last summer so now all the kids are adults.  They requested that our holidays go to a pot luck dinner.  I didn't care much for it at Thanksgiving but gee whiz it sure is growing on my now!  I'm down to provide the meat for Christmas dinner and everyone else is bringing everything else.  What a stress buster for Mom!  I'm not even thinking about the big dinner now!  Go ahead and surprise me!  New Years Eve thing I am making my cheese ball and providing 3 boxes of crackers.  I don't even want to think about all the stuff I used to do for these meals! 

So a great big thank you to my kids for helping me make things simple!   Now I have time to do all everyone wants me to do without getting stressed out.  I'm already thinking about next years Christmas gifts and plan on getting started on them in January and seeing if I can be done by this summer!   I've topped off the pop corn cans and party mix so should be ready for the coming weekend!

Now I have time to remember the reason for the season.  I know Jesus Christ wasn't born on December 25th.   Any Bible scholar knows he was born in the Spring time but it is the day that has been set aside to remember his wonderful birth.  Although I tend to think more about his life mission and his sacrifice that made it possible for me to return to my Father in Heaven one day.   I am truly grateful for his life here on earth and how he made it possible for us to obtain forgivness and return home.

May God bless each of you and may you have a wonderful Christmas with your family this year.


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