Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas- something to think about

Christmas Eve is just a few hours away and most of us aren't thinking about survival at all.  But a couple thousand years ago Mary and Joseph were faced with survival.  In their sudden trek to Bethlehem and then their sudden fleeing trek to Egypt, they had to "bug out" both times.  Here is a site that goes through their bug out and how we can plan our own bug out kits. 

I tend to think I'm the bug out location so I don't need to have a bug out kit.  But what if we had an economic collapse  and that lead to war in our nation.  So many places have had sudden unexpected war and the horrors that go with it.  They never thought it would happen to them but it did.  We should always be ready to leave with 10 minutes notice.  Bugging out might come or it might never come but we should be prepared just in case. 

Here is a short read you might enjoy just in time for Christmas.   I hope you each have a blessed Christmas with your family this weekend!


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